LCL and the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster

Luxembourg, known for its thriving creative industries, has recently seen the integration of the Luxembourg Creative Lab into the esteemed Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster. This strategic move aims to foster collaboration among diverse market players and facilitators within the creative sector, propelling innovation and economic growth for the entire industry.

The Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster encompasses a broad spectrum of 12 sub-sectors, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the country’s creative landscape. These sub-sectors include architecture (engineering/town planning), crafts and manufacturing, visual arts, films and audio-visuals, design, fashion design, gaming, marketing and communication (including events), literature, digital media and publishing, performing arts, and music.

The primary objectives of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster are comprehensive and forward-thinking, designed to catalyze growth and development within the creative industry. Some of these key objectives include:

  1. Matchmaking Tools for Creative Industry Players: The cluster provides creative industry professionals with essential matchmaking tools, including networking events and a digital community platform. This facilitates connections and collaborations, creating a robust ecosystem for idea exchange and partnership development.
  2. Guidance on Funding and Support Programs: The cluster serves as a guiding force for companies seeking national and European funding and support programs. This support is instrumental in nurturing innovation and sustaining the creative enterprises within Luxembourg.
  3. International Visibility Promotion: Aiming to boost the global presence of Luxembourg’s creative companies, the cluster actively promotes their international visibility. This exposure opens doors to new markets, collaborations, and opportunities on a global scale.
  4. Mapping the Local Creative Ecosystem: By systematically mapping the local creative industry ecosystem, the cluster generates a data-driven understanding of the economic realities for the country and its market players. This insightful analysis contributes to informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  5. Creating Synergies and Filling Gaps: The cluster fosters synergies among creative companies, bridging gaps in the ecosystem that private markets may have yet to address. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic and well-rounded creative industry in Luxembourg.
  6. Entrepreneurial Skills Enhancement: With a focus on empowering companies, the cluster aims to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of its members. This involves providing resources, training, and support to foster a culture of innovation and business excellence.
  7. Expert Intermediary Role: Serving as an expert intermediary, the cluster acts as a liaison between the government, institutions, professional chambers, and creative industry players. This role ensures effective communication and advocacy for the needs of the creative sector.

The membership of Luxembourg Creative Lab of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster marks a significant step towards consolidating and advancing the creative landscape in Luxembourg.

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