About Us



Luxembourg Creative Lab a.s.b.l (LCL a.s.b.l) is a non-profit association located in the picturesque Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

We aim at driving positive change through creativity, design of sustainable solutions, entrepreneurship, and tech. Our creative and entrepreneurial spirit, along with our expertise and know-how accumulated over the years, help us design and apply some of the most innovative solutions to contemporary social problems.

Zero inequality, zero unemployment and zero net carbon emissions

Through creating an ecosystem where creativity flourishes and solves the most pressing problems of our times, we are paving the way for a cohesive European society with zero inequality, zero unemployment and zero net carbon emissions.

Limit climate change

Everyone can help limit climate change. We provide educational trainings and increase the awareness of how to mitigate the negative impact of climate change in Europe.

Creative entrepreneurship,
inclusion and diversity

We target delivering high-quality digital training programs in creative entrepreneurship and inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Students - from academia to cutting-edge entrepreneurship

As we are working closely with various European universities, one of our primary goals is to help academia strengthen the relations amongst various stakeholders and therefore enable students to obtain cutting-edge skills of entrepreneurship.


Here are some of our top priority projects and goals:


Gender Inequality

Our goal is to close the gender gap in Luxembourg in the cultural and creative sector by mentoring women-led stratups.


Climate Change

Currently our experts are consulting 8 companies across Luxembourg to reduce their carbon footprint.


Creative Sustainability

Just a month after our organization was established, we delivered training to 28 students in creative sustainability.


Experience is great
wealth for you.

By embracing some more innovative training approaches, we aim to encourage the young generation within the creative sector to fight against climate change. The pedagogical approach is based on integrating teaching and research, problem-based learning, design thinking and strong connections to practical outcomes.

Training Completion Rate100%
Service-Based Learning Tasks98%
Net Promoter Score89%