We help youths start their entrepreneurial career by guiding them how to establish their unique positioning in the creative world. In addition, we also help schools and universities rethink their educational models by implementing various aspects from the circular economy into their course syllabuses.

Fighting against the Climate Change

Decarbonization is a key change driver for our European society with a significant impact on current business practices and models – therefore, our high-qualified experts support companies in developing innovative business models focused on the concept of the triple-bottom-line – people, planet & profit.

Digitalization of Knowledge

We do regular research focused on how Gen Z learns. By investigating their learning behaviours we help organizations and academic institutions design effective and productive digital training models.


We provide high-quality digital courses that meet the needs of the individuals in some of the following areas: creative entrepreneurship, inclusion and diversity in the workplace, narrowing the gender gap, design thinking, sustainable business modelling, global renewable energy and climate policy, etc.

Support Academia

Through our wide network of business partners across BE-NE-LUX, Germany, France and Italy we support universities to strengthen their connections with progressive employers as well as improving the industry-academia research relationship.

Online Training Platforms

Establish, develop and maintain a Moodle-based Learning Management System (Online Campus) that would inspire and fully engage your learners, mentors and staff. In addition, our platforms assure a high-level of accessibility for disabled users.