UNITED: Climathon Potsdam 2023, Germany

On the 19th of October, 2023, the stage was set for a transformative event at XU Exponential University in Potsdam. Climathon Potsdam 2023 brought together over 50 enthusiastic participants, including students, faculty members, stakeholders, public organizations, and representatives from the municipality of Ludwigsfelde, to engage with the Erasmus+ co-funded project ‘UNITED.’ The event was nothing short of inspiring, as it sparked insightful discussions and raised important questions about the project’s vision and its potential impact. A heartfelt thank you to our engaging speakers: Prof. Dr. Filipe De Castro Soeiro – President of XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences, Mrs. Ulrike Linnig – Strategic Partnerships, Climate-KIC, Mrs. Pia Jost – Head of the Economic Staff Office, Ludwigsfelde, Nathan Hayduk – Project Manager ‘Creative Bureaucracy Festival’, Nicolas Rode – Executive Advisor, Falling Walls Foundation, Claudio Vietta – co-founder of Leef Blattwerk, Julius Schäufele – founder of Concular, David Block – CFO of circulee, Mirco Pfefferle – co-founder of Arvana GmbH and Collette Wasielewski & Tom Cox – founders of SPAIA for sharing their wisdom, insights, and passion! Your contributions have left an indelible mark on our journey towards sustainability.

  • A Diverse Assembly of Climate Advocates: The UNITED project presentation drew a diverse crowd, with students eager to learn and engage, faculty members committed to shaping the academic landscape, stakeholders invested in its success, and representatives from local public organizations bringing valuable insights.
  • Eager Participation: The room was charged with energy and excitement as everyone gathered to learn about the UNITED project and were introduced with three of our training modules. The participants were eager to understand how this initiative would tackle climate change and promote inclusivity on and off campus.
  • Provoking Discussions: The event encouraged open dialogue and the free exchange of ideas. Participants raised thought-provoking questions, reflecting their genuine interest in the project’s objectives and potential. These discussions added depth and breadth to the presentation.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholders, including local organizations and the municipality of Ludwigsfelde, were actively involved, emphasizing the project’s relevance in the wider community. Their engagement underscored the project’s potential to make a meaningful impact beyond the campus.
  • Shared Enthusiasm: The UNITED project presentation wasn’t just a one-way conversation; it was a shared journey. Attendees and presenters alike were passionate about the project’s mission, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere.
  • A Glimpse into the Future: This event was not just about the present; it was about shaping the future. The engagement and questions raised served as a testament to the collective commitment to making the world more sustainable and inclusive.

Climathon Potsdam 2023, hosted by XU Exponential University and moderated by Prof. Dr. Petyo Budakov, provided an ideal platform for the presentation of the UNITED project. The gathering of students, faculties, stakeholders, public organizations, and municipal representatives demonstrated the project’s potential to create a significant impact.

The discussions and questions raised during this event were indicative of a shared vision to combat climate change and promote inclusivity. The UNITED project is not just a standalone initiative; it’s a collaborative effort to transform our campus and our communities for the better.

As we move forward, the questions and discussions from Climathon Potsdam 2023 will guide us on this transformative journey. We are excited to see the UNITED project’s vision come to life and are grateful for the enthusiasm and engagement of all those who joined us in Potsdam. Together, we are making a difference in the fight against climate change and the pursuit of a more inclusive future.

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