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Nowadays everything is digital – culture, science, hobbies, work, education.  Digital is a word so often used in our modern society that we rarely think about its meaning.

A story tells that recently a student in Higher education cycle asked the question, “What do you mean by the word digital?” The teacher looked up, perplexed, not really knowing how to describe what digital is, in a world where everything is digital.

According to the Oxford Online Dictionary (the digital one), the word “digital” means “recording or storing information as a series of the numbers 1 and 0”. Well, that is a bit technical and not so easy to comprehend.

A simpl(ish) explanation expressed in mathematical formula would probably look like that:
human + data + technology = digital. In other words, people using technology to make data in electronic form.

Okay, we are having progress here. Now, that we know the basic meaning of digital, let us jump into the deep: Digital transformation! That is the key phrase, we transform everything to be digital.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of business and society, fundamentally changing how people and organisations live, operate, communicate and deliver value. It is also a cultural change that requires people and organisations to embrace the change and become part of the future. Actually, the future is already here. So there’s not much time and space to fight against that change. Rather, let’s contribute and actively participate in the Digital Transformation Revolution that is currently ongoing.

All right, now we know what Digital is and that the Transformation of everything Non-Digital into Digital is in progress.

If you find this article not so interesting (not to say boring) this means you are probably already a part of the Digital Era. After all, as per the European Commission data, by 2021, the share of EU households with internet access had risen to 92 %, some 20 percentage points higher than in 2011 (72 %). Almost everyone in the EU has access to digital resources.

However, our team at LCL knows that the Digital Inclusion is extremely important and the past years showed the importance of being able to rapidly embrace change and go Digital in almost every aspect of our lives.

For that reason, we commit to be an active player in the Digital Transformation by helping people and organisations adapt to this new “normal” – not only structurally but also culturally. We know that people are reluctant to change by nature but this cannot stop us. On the contrary, it give us motivation to move forward and see how future becomes the present, fiction becomes reality, dreams become true!

Check out for ongoing projects and future initiatives on our website and social media channels and if you feel inspired, contact us to get involved.

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