Craft3D: Online Project Meeting, April 2024

Luxembourg Creative Lab was thrilled to participate in the latest online project meeting for Craft3D, focusing on the progression and planning of Work Package 2 (WP2). This fourth online meeting, organized by CCIAA Basilicata, was aimed at discussing the outputs created by NEST and planning the subsequent activities.

The meeting began with an introduction from CCIAA Basilicata, who then handed over the floor to NEST. NEST provided an overview of WP2 Activity 1, presenting the Consortium Research Report. This report highlighted the progress and research findings, setting a solid foundation for the next phases of the project.

Following NEST’s presentation, Luxembourg Creative Lab shared their insights and plans for WP2 Activity 2. They outlined the responsibilities each partner must undertake, emphasizing the development of training modules, tutorials, and translations:

  1. Training Module Development: Each partner is tasked with creating a training module consisting of three units, following a provided template. These modules should be comprehensive, with a maximum length of 30 pages, and include five evaluation questions to assess understanding.
  2. Training Tutorial Creation: Partners are also required to produce a two-minute training tutorial. This involves recording a short presentation using a slide template, aimed at providing concise and clear instructions.
  3. Script Translation and Upload: Each partner must download a provided script, translate it into their native language, and upload it to ensure accessibility and comprehension across different regions.

As a leading organization of this Activity, Luxembourg Creative Lab stressed the importance of maintaining consistency in language for all activities, suggesting that while the primary language for conducting activities should be English, the MOOC content should be translated into each partner’s native language for broader reach.

Luxembourg Creative Lab left the meeting energized and committed to contributing to the successful implementation of the Craft3D project, looking forward to the continued collaboration and achievement of project milestones.

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