LCL Immerses in History at the House of Stepan Hindliyan, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Luxembourg Creative Lab recently embarked on a captivating journey through time, delving into the rich history and culture of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with a visit to the remarkable House of Stepan Hindliyan. Nestled within the ancient city’s labyrinthine streets, this architectural gem stood as a testament to the opulence and ingenuity of the past, captivating the visitors from Luxembourg with its grandeur.

Constructed in 1834-35 by unknown builders, the House of Stepan Hindliyan is a rare example of architectural symmetry in Plovdiv, preserving its original design with remarkable integrity. Standing in harmony with its neighboring Balabanov’s House, it forms an ensemble that epitomizes the architectural legacy of the region. Stepan Hindliyan, the illustrious merchant and founder of one of Plovdiv’s wealthiest Armenian families, left an indelible mark on the city’s landscape, earning the nickname “Hindliyan” for his ventures that stretched as far as India.

The tour, graciously led by the hospitable staff, provided Luxembourg Creative Lab with a glimpse into the life and times of Stepan Hindliyan. The intricate layout of the house, with its courtyard connecting farm buildings, a bathhouse, and a basement, showcased a blend of functionality and elegance. Despite the irregular angular shape of the plot, the house maintains a sense of symmetry within its inner space, while the external façade exudes richness and variety.

Ascending the stairs to the second floor, the visitors were treated to a breathtaking display of artistic decoration. Elaborate lines adorned the walls and ceilings, depicting naivistic landscapes from distant cities such as Constantinople, Venice, and Alexandria. Master-builders Moko and Mavrudi from Chirpan dedicated months to meticulously painting every room, infusing them with pilasters, garlands, and vignettes that have stood the test of time.

The House of Stepan Hindliyan not only serves as a historical landmark but also as a vibrant venue for cultural events. From exhibitions to literary gatherings, it continues to be a focal point for artistic expression in Plovdiv, bridging the gap between past and present.

Special recognition was extended to Rosen Tanev, whose impeccable guidance enhanced the visitors’ experience, leaving an indelible impression of Bulgarian hospitality and professionalism.

As Luxembourg Creative Lab bid farewell to the House of Stepan Hindliyan, we carried with us memories of an unforgettable journey through history. Our visit not only deepened our appreciation for Plovdiv’s cultural heritage but also opened doors to potential collaborations in the cultural and creative sectors, enriching both communities in the process.

For those inspired to embark on their own exploration, the House of Stepan Hindliyan welcomes visitors to marvel at its splendor and immerse themselves in the stories of generations past.

Luxembourg Creative Lab’s encounter with the House of Stepan Hindliyan exemplifies the power of cultural exchange to transcend borders and forge meaningful connections across time and space. As we continue our quest for creative inspiration, the echoes of Plovdiv’s rich history will undoubtedly reverberate within our endeavors.

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