FEMINA: Open Public Event, Luxembourg

On 10th May 2023, the vibrant city of Luxembourg hosted a remarkable public event, “Building Inclusive Cultural and Creative Sector,” as part of the Erasmus+ co-funded project, ‘Femina – Inclusion of Women in the Cultural and Creative Sector’ Project No: 2022-1-LU01-KA210-VET-000081625 which is led by Luxembourg Creative Lab a.s.b.l. This event aimed to address the barriers faced by women in the cultural and creative sector (CCS) across Europe, focusing on education, job opportunities, entrepreneurship, and social inclusion. By encouraging women to enhance their key competences, this project aimed to narrow the gender gap and empower women to make significant progress in the field of entrepreneurship and creativity. The event introduced the audience with its blended training program for freelancers, young entrepreneurs, employers, and investors as well as providing them with excellent opportunity to connect and collaborate by creating a promising future for women in the CCS.

Setting the Stage: The Femina Project and its Vision

  • An overview of the Erasmus+ co-funded project ‘Femina – Inclusion of Women in the Cultural and Creative Sector’
  • The project’s objectives: Breaking barriers, empowering women, and promoting inclusivity in the CCS
  • How the project aims to address the gender gap in education, job opportunities, entrepreneurship, and social inclusion
  • The importance of fostering key competences and enhancing skills for women in the CCS

Inspiring Progress: Highlights from the ‘Building Inclusive Cultural and Creative Sector’ Event

  • The role of the event in facilitating networking opportunities for participants
  • Showcasing the beta version of three training modules developed under the Femina project
  • Feedback and insights from attendees regarding the impact of the training modules and their potential for driving change

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Success

  • Exploring the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sector
  • Highlighting success stories and case studies of women who have excelled in entrepreneurship and creativity
  • Identifying key competences and skills necessary for women to thrive in the CCS
  • Practical strategies and initiatives to support women in overcoming barriers and achieving success in entrepreneurship

Creating a Supportive Ecosystem: Collaboration between Employers, Investors, and Women in the CCS

  • The significance of collaboration and support from progressive employers and investors
  • Strategies to foster an inclusive environment within the cultural and creative sector
  • How employers and investors can contribute to breaking barriers and promoting gender equality
  • Showcasing successful collaborations between employers, investors, and women entrepreneurs

Moving Forward: The Roadmap to an Inclusive Cultural and Creative Sector

  • Outlining the future steps and goals of the Femina project
  • The importance of continued support and funding for initiatives promoting gender equality in the CCS
  • Policy recommendations to governments and stakeholders for fostering an inclusive cultural and creative sector
  • Encouraging ongoing collaboration and engagement to sustain progress and empower women in the CCS

This open public event ‘Building Inclusive Cultural and Creative Sector’ event held in Luxembourg marked an important milestone in the Femina project’s mission to empower women in the cultural and creative sector across Europe. By breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity, this event provided a platform for networking, showcased training modules, and highlighted the achievements of women entrepreneurs. Moving forward, it is crucial for stakeholders, employers, and investors to continue supporting initiatives that narrow the gender gap and foster an environment where women can thrive and contribute their immense talent to the cultural and creative sector. Together, we can build a truly inclusive and diverse CCS that benefits all.

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