FEMINA: The Power of Posters University Event, Potsdam, Germany

The FEMINA consortium set up a fruitful long-term collaboration with the XU University of Applied Sciences, Germany. The consortium members introduced the students with the main project goals and objectives as well as explaining insights about the gender inequality in Europe which concerns the CCS. In addition, the students were informed about the latest project activities and declared their willingness to be involved and give their meaningful contribution. 

Luxembourg Creative Lab initiated an online discussion with the students on which the main problems of the CCS and more specifically – how to close the gender gap were discussed. One of the main problems that was considered during the meeting, referred to the inequality of the remuneration in the creative sector across Europe. Possible solutions were discussed as well as highlighting the need of executing more social campaigns which aim at changing the gender prejudice among certain publics. 

Being inspired by their lecturer – Prof. Dr. Petyo Budakov, some students, enrolled in the Digital Marketing and Social Media B.Sc. of XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences, designed numerous posters which communicate various messages related to the project aims and goals. 

Credit: Marie Grüning, Sophia Chojnicki, Luca Ueding, Marissa Rommel

The design workflow was deeply analysed with their professor as well as with the FEMINA consortium. Students did in-depth research which aimed to explore the gender inequality of the CCS and the reasons that hinder the inclusion and diversity in the creative sector. 

Credit: Hendrik Welz, Jonas Schucht & Tessa Oehmke

Once they picked their topic, the students had to clarify their concrete message of the posters by specifying their target audience. In addition, the students worked in groups where each of them had to make their individual contribution. 

Several brainstorming sessions were conducted which were joined by representatives of the FEMINA consortium. 

Credit: Alicja Kofler, Chelsea Cretu, Mara Menkel and Saba Mayer

Finally, the students presented their fabulous projects in an open session which was joined by all staff members of the Luxembourg Creative Lab as well as some representatives of the project target audience. 

Credit: Noah Krastanovic, Phi Hung

The participants received valuable feedback from their lecturer and also from the President of the Luxembourg Creative Lab. On top, Prof. Budakov aired: ‘All posters were powerful and influential! Obviously a great talent was used there and our students are socially responsible individuals who made a great impact!’.

Credit: Klara Tibken

The student posters were designed in digital format and the students gave their consent to be launched as part of the project dissemination strategy.

Finally, all students expressed their willingness to join the next initiatives executed by FEMINA and even volunteer whenever their expertise is needed.

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